Prototypes and small lots

not just mock-ups

...but the real thing!


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Texmark Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company established in 1990.

Room 1212, Beverley Commercial Centre
87-105, Chatham Road
Tsim Sha Tsui


We make samples and small lots for testing and validation of parts and products.

We use the same materials and methods as for mass production; therefore our samples are like the final product.
We can assist with design, testing and engineering.

customer sites

Our customers have access to dedicated sites.
Here they are informed about the status of their orders as well as shipping information and can follow their goods with real-time tracking.

We can provide the customers with any additional required information.

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Prototypes made by plastic injection take about 6 weeks to finish. Typically 50 parts are produced as first samples. Metal parts can be made within 2 weeks.

small lots

Once a mould for plastic injection is approved, lots between a few hundred and several thousand parts can be produced.

mass production

Mass production of plastic parts will normally require a new mould with multiple cavities. If required, we can also make large quantities of metal parts


when 3D printing is not enough...

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our favourite metal...

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other metals

steel, copper, brass, bronze...

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PCB assemblies

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partially and fully assembled products

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additional technologies


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